Heather Morris now follows Darren Criss on Twitter

Heather Morris now follows Darren Criss on Twitter

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glee season 6 wishlist:

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I actually took “mostly lesbian” to be one of those things that Mary Holloran put into the tv pilot script that is incorrect, like Rachel’s dads working at NASA, and Kurt being the kind of person who would put on a dinosaur costume from a garbage dumpster. Like, that’s not Brittany and Blaine, it’s Nittany and Slaine. LOL. 

(Whether or not it counts as bi-erasure in this context and how problematic it is would be a whole other conversation. I just mean the scenes of the Untitled Mary Holloran Project are not meant to reflect reality, and maybe that was the intention here as well.)

But anyway, I love that this exists! As you know, I ship Blaine with EVERYONE EVER, but I somehow always forget about Blaine/Brittany, even with the existance of that scene in Heroes where she smears paint on him and kisses his cheek, and that scene in Boys (and Girls) on Film where they’re both so excited about singing Shout.

Has anyone written Blaine/Brittany messyplay? (Other than the writers of Glee.) Because I’d be all over that action. :D



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every blaine relationship → blaine x brittany

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